Friday, January 21, 2011

Invitation to the "Undoers" of President Obama's Health Reform
by Ralph Freidin on Friday, January 21, 2011 at 11:29am

As a physician who has always believed that health care is a right that should be available to every citizen, it is distressing to listen to the distortions of those who are trying to undo President Obama's health reform.

Over the past year, I have volunteered my professional services at seven of the NAFC's clinics that Nicole Lamoureux and the National Association of Free Clinics have organized. Whatever the city, be it Hartford, CT or Little Rock, ARK, the patient’s stories are variations on the same theme: "I have no insurance, I have nor doctor, I have no healthcare."

It is an embarrassment as a physician and American citizen to see fellow Americans whose health status is closer to the health of patients I cared for 45 years ago as a young physician than it does of the patients I care for now.

To help those who wish to undo the most significant piece of health reform since Medicare passed in 1965, the year I entered medical school, better appreciate the need for the reforms of 2010, I extend my personal invitation to any of the 'undoers' to spend a day or part of a day as Nicole's and my guest at the next clinic. I will be providing primary care, and it would be my pleasure to have an 'undoer' sit with me and hear the people tell their personal stories of trying to access health care without insurance.

After witnessing the health of their fellow citizens, any fair minded person will have a very heavy conscience should they continue to spread untruths about President Obama's health reform. They will understand the injustice perpetuating a system that neglects over 50,000,000 people - one sixth of American citizens.

I can be reached at my office 781 862 7500; on my cell 617 620 9623, or by email

Thank you

Ralph B Freidin, MD

some of the 1200 people cared for at the Atlanta Free Clinic
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